A.C.E., is an individualized program therefore we have one professionally qualified supervisor/teacher for every 15 students. This enables the teacher to work with students individually making sure the student achieves maximum learning.

The major strength of our curriculum is its clearly identifiable biblical goals promoting principles of godly character.

Perhaps the greatest academic feature of the A.C.E. core curriculum is that student’s progress through the PACE’s at their own rate. The objective of the A.C.E. program is to produce the best academic results by implementing the best techniques and procedures for the individual learner. The pupil must be placed on a level of curriculum where he can best perform. He must set reasonable and appropriate goals, which he can be expected to achieve in a reasonable and prescribed period of time. The pupil must receive motivation through encouragement and support and achieve control through guidance and discipline in order to assimilate, use, and experience the educational material.

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